Hiring JS remote team for Setel

Hiring JS remote team for Setel

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About Setel Project

Setel is the first e-payment solution for fuel purchases made directly from mobile devices, originally deployed by PETRONAS in 2018. By creating a super-app with on-the-go functionality and platform connectivity, they want to open up a larger market.

Setel currently manages over 20 different teams. In fact, their first Vietnamese team is a freelancer team based in Ha Noi. However, Setel had trouble working with freelance engineers because of their bad communication skills, it became a bigger problem growing the team. So they decided to look for a better option.

Through Ms. Chinh, Setel's Mobile lead, who knew that Turing Alley can solve the problem with an impressive network of engineers and good English-speaking communication. Turing Alley and Setel started our first meeting in January and we succeed in helping Setel build a great engineer team within 1.5 months.

Setel's high-caliber engineer team


Setel expects their first team with the tech stack is Javascript and typescript to comprise:

  • 1 x Team leader
  • 1 x Senior Backend engineer,
  • 1 x Backend engineer,
  • 1 x Full-stack engineer
  • 1 x Manual QA engineer
  • 1 x Automation engineer.

The Team

Huy Giang, the team lead of Setel is Turing Alley's engineer manager. He has been with us for over 3 years. We believe, Huy Giang is the best candidate for the project's team lead job.

Huy Nguyen is a senior backend engineer with a solid history as our key member with dedicated work with us on numerous projects.

Anh Nguyen is a backend engineer with a strong academic background from FPT University. He has extensive experience working in backend positions. One of our members introduced him. It's great to be surrounded by cool people.

Quynh Le and Nhut Huynh stepped in as automation and manual QA engineers. They've been with us for almost two years.

Dung Le is a full-stack senior engineer with nearly a decade of experience. He spent many years working on UK and US projects before joining Turing Alley. We had a brief conversation with him in the frontend community for the first time.

Despite the difficulties of COVID-19 and some initial collaboration issues, the engineering team is currently performing at peak levels. Setel's development team in Vietnam is fully staffed with a total of 6 members after only 1.5 months.In this post

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