How Konvoy meets their PHP devs
How Konvoy meets their PHP devs

How Konvoy meets their PHP devs

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About Konvoy Project

Konvoy was founded in July 2019 as a keg rental company based in Australia, by a team with over 40 years combined beverage and keg pooling experience. The company currently has in circulation 70,000 beer kegs across its Australia and New Zealand operations.

At first, Konvoy team was still partnering with a freelancer team from Netherland. It was a big-budget deal with approximately 6k for a headcount. Communication hurdle is a downside of freelancer hiring, and that's a motivation for Konvoy to seek other alternatives. Jeff Yong was a friend of ours, and he suggested Konvoy to trial with Turing Alley.

The Partnership

We got to know each other through a few meetings and went to a handshake. A partnership that involves 2 positions: A React.js Frontend Engineer and a PHP Backend Engineer. It was a susceptible time of Konvoy, and Turing Alley did all they could to well wrap the process, then take over the handling document while maintaining the accurate progress milestone.


The timeline was in haste. The team was formed solidly, through two weeks of connecting to the tops from the talent pool in Ho Chi Minh. The output quality was ensured that Konvoy decided to move forward with one more Frontend Engineer after a month. By that time, they shifted the focus on speeding things up and refactoring the codebase.

The Team

Quang Le is one of the top Backend & DevOps talents of Turing Alley. Quang joined Turing Alley from the first days, which is why we know it would be a perfect fit to adopt and maintain the project quickly. We offered to have him as the Project Lead, and it's a yes from him.

Besides the typical hiring, Turing Alley supports other engineer communities in Vietnam. Widening the connection gives us the chance to meet many fantastic people. Phung Dao and Hung Nguyen, as examples. They joined us not too long after we kicked off the work with Konvoy. And that's how the Konvoy team in Vietnam was created.

The team spent their first effort on checking up the project's infrastructure and logic code. The source code was well-defined and only in need of some last touches on infrastructure adjustment. They agreed to discuss with the client, actively propose and consult the underlying issues that need to be resolved. By breaking things into small todos and set out the milestones for each, they have the chance to oversee the project timeline and make sure it stays on track.

"It was an enjoyable experience working with them. I mean, very refreshing. We were confident to have them took care of our work, given the fact of outstanding delivery, excellent tech consultation and the high ownership over work from the development team themselves."

Jame Yong - Head of IOT at Konvoy

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