Recruit Bubble developers for Arrow

Recruit Bubble developers for Arrow

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About Arrow

Arrow is a startup in Silicon Valley. Its product has gone into production with 200 users and five stores.

They head for a web app similar to, but it focuses on scheduling to help user get their food and drink delivery at a fixed time of the week.

Matt Lock is the Project Manager of Arrow and a friend of ours. Arrow used the Bubble as a core technology for the product.

Hiring Bubble in Vietnam is challenging. Engineers don't want to be stuck with no code for an extended period of time. Bubble are solely utilized for engineer personal projects We need a different tech approach.



So Turing Alley chose Wordpress, a platform with similar characteristics to Bubble, yet more commonly-used. Wordpress has a higher adoption ratio, which grants us a better chance to look for developers. With the same no-code concept, Wordpress engineers are likely pick up Bubble more easily and quickly catch up with the project.

After a month and a half, Arrow's development team in Vietnam is fully staffed, consisting of four developers and one product designer.

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