Hiring Developers In Vietnam

Hiring Developers In Vietnam

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Make hiring less painful

There are several options to choose when hiring developers in Vietnam. If you've already have the connections inside the IT industry; it's best to ask for recommendations. Otherwise, posting classic job offers in ad listings like ITViet, Vietnamwork or job platforms like Recruitery.

You assess the candidates in face to face interviews, or via messages/phone calls. It's a traditional to hire like that. But theses approach can't be done in a night. It takes at least six months. It's time consuming.

Having a robust technical recruiter saves you the trouble. However, it's quite rare to find one in Vietnam. Most of them usually work for Vietnamese corporations. Their payslip number is the biggest issue with start-up companies like you.

You can go for headhunters to find the talent developers. But service fee is a bottleneck. It usually takes up from 1 to 2 months salary of the engineer on each success hiring case. The risk happens when headhunters charge their services fees, the engineers out.

The pros of traditional hiring

If the new developer is recommended by someone you trust, or they come from a professional circle, you are certainly ensured they'll do a good job. Be in touch with their previous companies or their reference is helpful too. It helps you reach the real talents. This traditional practice allows you to vet the candidates and communicate with them regularly.

Hiring from social network

Another way to hire is starting from the database of social networks. LinkedIn is one of the top-of-mind professional social networks to find talent. It's a playground for professionals with various backgrounds and qualifications. The datasource from LinkedIn is massive and diversified. Sites like these provide you with means to filter applicants according to your desired specifications.

Specifications may include qualifications, skills, education, experience, recommendations, and even rates. Hourly rates of software developers depend on all of these factors. You can search for suitable candidates who are open to new job opportunities.

You can try on a site like Facebook. There are plenty of Facebook groups. Look for the ones with many members and serious administrator teams. These groups usually have strict protocols to approve hiring posts and communication. In contrast, they don't offer advanced search features compared to a database like LinkedIn.

Just like traditional hiring, looking for applicants on Facebook and LinkedIn has its limitations. You can't always vet the candidates properly. There isn't much protection layer is quality verification. Furthermore, it isn't easy to check whether the applicants are real or possess engineering skills.

So, what's the remaining option?

The community databases

When you enlist the help of professional Vietnamese marketplaces, you are putting the legwork of hiring Engineers into the hands of offshore companies like us. Turing Alley is the modern approach to build remote global tech teams/ offshore centers in Viet Nam. As an admin popular Vietnamese communities like WeBuild Community, Golang Viet Nam, we have experience and good networking with the Vietnam talent pool.

The full-cycle of recruitment

In the last few years, Vietnam's IT market has become exciting. Worldwide companies are having a labor market shift, with the previous trend being in densely populated markets such as China or India.

We realize companies face difficulties to open an office/offshore center in Vietnam. The biggest obstacle is recruiting and managing people. Turing Alley can resolve that issue. We provide specific insights on the Vietnamese labor market. We help analyze the personalities, habits, pros and cons to help companies find the team they need in Vietnam.

Turing Alley is the platform that connects developers with fast-growing companies. We build remote global tech team with latest technology and modern approach.

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